Wordpress error - "Updating failed. Error Message: The response is not a valid JSON response"

WordPress error “Updating failed” on pages after server transfer

I have had a small support job come in a number of times since WordPress officially embraced Gutenburg. When trying to save a page the user receives a WordPress error “Updating failed”. The issue usually comes up after a server upgrade or move but it can occasionally appear seemingly out of no where. The Issue [...]


My life as FBi Radio’s Web Developer

I have worked as the primary web developer with FBi Radio here in Sydney for just under 10 years. I am very proud of what I have accomplished at FBi and I very much look forward to our future projects. Radio Ondemand and Custom Podcast Server FBi Radio use a custom built CRM which houses [...]


Installing a downloaded wordpress plugin zip file

First thing to think of when attempting to install a downloaded wordpress plugin – if your website is hosted on wordpress.org, unfortunately you cannot add a plugin that is not listed in their Plugin directory. This guide is for any users who are installing a plugin not procured from the official Plugin directory and are [...]